Thou Art Beautiful

Who We Serve

If you are a God fearing, woman with children who has ever felt:

STUCK OR TRAPPED: Are finances, work, household responsibilities, or toxic relationships standing in your way? Have you ever tried to start an endeavor only to be halted because you didn’t have enough money or your credit was too bad to qualify you for the money you needed to start and you felt stuck? Or have you felt trapped because you needed time off your highly demanding job but couldn’t get that time you needed to pursue your dream?

DESIRE MORE OUT OF LIFE BUT DON’T KNOW HOW: Has uncertainty, fear of failure, or being disappointed again paralyzed you from taking the next step? Have you been crippled by the thought that you are not good enough? Or have you been tormented with the lie that you will never succeed? Or have you ever started something, only to be met with failure?

FRUSTRATED BECAUSE LIFE’S RESPONSIBILITIES STAND IN YOUR WAY: Got Kids? Are they driving you nuts because they just won’t sleep, day or night? Are you exhausted because you are always with the kids and you don’t have the support you need? Are your kids constantly screaming, always getting into things, and nothing that you do seems to work?

I am here to tell you that even in all the chaos that it is possible. I did it with 3 babies two years apart with little support and by the grace of God I got it done (I launched a few businesses/ wrote several books/ homeschooled my 3 children, and the list goes on). Through the Thou Art Beautiful 5 Step Liberation System you too can live the Life of your Dreams…Here’s my promise to you.

My Brand Promise

Never feeling stuck again is my unwavering promise to you! Feeling a renewed sense of hope. Fulfilling your life purpose. Having a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.
We will SILENCE THE VOICE OF THE ENEMY, so you will always see a way out of any situation.

Operating on another realm … the realm of confidence, power, and authority … dominating the arena God is calling you to take over is at the heart of Everything I do!
Through my innovative, 5-step Liberation System you will never feel stuck, hopeless, and trapped again! Not only will the negative voices in your head become a thing of the past, you will begin to complete the bucket list of goals you have set for yourself.

Enjoying a huge sense of self-worth. Increasing your confidence. Living that Life you have always dreamed of. You will live free from any fears of failure or THOUGHTS OF INADEQUACY.


Specifically, you will;

1) Never feel trapped by circumstances that might be out of your control

– Imagine being able to accomplish the goals that you have set for your life despite the overwhelming responsibilities that life demands on you.
– No longer feeling overwhelmed by your day-to-day responsibilities
– Achieve your goals faster because you can now see a ‘way out’ of what once seemed like ‘no way.’

2) Get more out of your life

– Now that you have clarity, a system, and an action plan, you can now have better relationships, less stress, and more fulfillment.
– You can live life more fully because your mind is free from feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, and incompetence.
– You will accomplish your goals in faster time with less effort.

3) Have inner peace

– Enjoy being free from the thoughts of fear and doubt that once incapacitated you
– Silence the tormenting thoughts of the enemy as you stand confident in the midst of any storm.
– Any thoughts of doubt go away