Thou Art Beautiful


Becoming a Kingdom Confident Woman in 30 Days

Are you bound by the lies that were spoken over you from childhood? Or, imprisoned by the tormenting memories of your past? Are you too afraid to take that big leap of faith and start that business, change careers or simply follow your dreams?

If you are tired of the life you are living and ready to experience the abundance that God has promised you, then THOU ART BEAUTIFUL IS FOR YOU. As you absorb this text, you will build your self-image and realign your vision, so that you can boost your self-confidence and reclaim every blessing that God has for you!

Thou Art Beautiful Affirmation Deck

The Bible instructs us to, “Speak those things that be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17). The power to transform your situation lies in the words that you speak over your life.

According to Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Now is the time for us to start walking in our God-given authority and begin to speak God’s perfect will over our lives!

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Kingdom Confidence 30 Day Transformation Experience- VIP

Upgrade to VIP and you will get:

• 1 Thou Art Beautiful Affirmation Deck PDF
• Printable PDF’s with Step By Step Action Items
• 4 – 45 Minute Group Accountability Check-ins with LaToya. (During these sessions we will discuss the chapters covered that week and any challenges that you might be facing. Live coaching will be provided. All victories will be celebrated. 1 Guest Speaker who Operates in Kingdom Confidence.)

Operating on another realm, the realm of confidence power and authority, so that you can dominate the arena God is calling you to take over is at the heart of Everything I do!